Monday, December 6, 2010

Pen-Rock (Digital Collage) - Published

Pen Rock  (Digital Collage)
Editing Tools used:
Scanner (Epson something)

This was a picture done in class using, mostly, pieces from a pen and rocks. The other bits are things around my room, my pocket, the ground, etc. - little small, insignificant nothings. I have a thing for drawing landscapes, but I've never made one out of random items that threw together in all of 5 minutes. I wanted to tell a story of a small community of people who live in an old, worn out town and, to them, it's "home". The rest of the photo is completely up for personal interpretation, like what the little stick figures are doing. Are they taking a care-free jump into the ocean, enjoying time with friends or are they all "taking the easy way out",  as a means of escaping the town - its all up to the viewer and how the perceive the photo and what the pictures meaning is.

It was fun.