Monday, March 14, 2011

Rotating Save Crystal

I volunteer for different projects (not often, since the groups are kind of crazy in terms of development), but the group I chose to work for wanted a save crystal in the game. I wanted it to bob up and down while turning, but I never got around to it. It's not all that hard - some basic calculations involving dividing the number of frames by the total degree of rotation and further adding it to the objects - but I left it sitting for a while. The team isn't in a rush, and they like it so far, but I just chose to leave it alone for now. The only problem I have it that it doesn't glow that way I want it to. It shines though, which I enjoy. Texturing this was slightly annoying, since I do NOT UV map (the measures I go to texturing higher poly objects is just ridiculous and tedious), but the benefits are well worth it.

Crystal Done Sept. 18. 2010
Materials used:
NGLE extension.
WadMerger (animation)
StrPix (texturing)

Game Resources Used:
Tomb Raider 4 -  Sounds