Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Checkout: Journey to Employee of the Month

I'm quite slow to update, but I've been quite busy - I like to work update when I have something to update.

This is Checkout: Journey to Employee of the Month.

Checkout is a Twitch/Puzzle game designed to push the players memory and dexterity. As customers stream down the isle, it's your job to ring them as quickly as possible. Damaged goods and  taking too long to bag results in a strike. Too many strikes and your shift is over! If you manage to impress all month long, you'll earn the title of Employee of the Month! 

Checkout features Multiplayer, character creation and support for player created content, as well as freeplay alongside the game's story mode. Checkout was originally designed as a mobile, but I lacked the means to publish it, so I pushed for desktops. Checkout was made in Unity 3D.

For most projects, I'm usually working in groups and I never get to show what I'm capable of as an individual, and being a full time student didn't help. I decided to test the waters a bit and I wanted to give myself a week to finish a project. It quickly grew bigger and bigger, and turned into a 3 month long project and I'm quite happy with the results.

This project has taught me a lot, and I'm excited to move onto the next.

Checkout is anticipated to release before 2015. Anticipated.