Monday, February 7, 2011

Research and Development - Work In Progress

This is a fun project to make. Since the project is far from done, I can't give a date on it, but I did start it during my winter break (Mid-December 2010). Like "The Watery Grave", it was made with the Tomb Raider Level Editor. I don't really work fast, but I made a LOT of progress over my break. Due to college, it's very slow, but I still work on it. :)


Editing Tools Used:
Tomb Raider Level Editor (TRNG Expansion)

Game Resources Used:
Mafia - Textures
Tomb Raider 3 - Textures, Objects, Sounds
Tomb Raider 4 - Textures, Objects, Sounds
Tomb Raider 5 - Textures, Objects, Sounds
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - Textures
Tomb Raider: Legend- Textures
Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Textures

All Non-Profit Sources are given full credit for their resources

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