Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some Video Game Concept Art

I should blog more. I really should.

I work on a lot of stuff, because of school, but I tend not to upload anything. I just never get around to it - not out of laziness, but blogging isn't one of my "to-do list" priorities. Recently, I drew a series of life drawings for my life drawing class (that will never see the light of day XD), and a few others for my illustration for games class, which I should upload, as they are directly related to the image below. Here's a GIMP render of a scene from a game I'm working on.

The image itself was rushed, I admit, therefore imperfect, like the lighting/shading is off, but I like the general feel of the picture, so I left it as is. I've never done an image like this before, and even if it's the ugliest image in the world, I'm proud of myself for having done it. Of course, they get better, but I like this for what it is.

Tools used:
Google (I took a bunch of images off the internet. Thanks to all of you!)

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