Sunday, January 26, 2014

Game - Murder at Willow Creek (2013)

I think 2013 was a good year for me, in games. I got to do a lot and experiment a little, and I'm proud of that. It's insane working on three games at one time (and modding projects on the side, as well as smaller games before that within the same year). One of the games I got to do was a board game, Murder at Willow Creek.

It was for a class. Some of us were asked to create games for the class to make. I'd wanted to make a horror game for a while (the games I'd worked on before were a drinking game and a game about working and shopping in a mall). The premise of the game is themed after a group of campers traveling to an abandoned camp ground to get evidence of the murders that'd taken place years ago. A few of the students resonated with my project and we began production.

I wanted the game to be presented from a planning perspective, and having the board looks like a blueprint, with colored pieces placed on top, moving within the boxes.

Players with different advantages and disadvantages take turns traveling to different buildings, collecting evidence, and taking the evidence to a boat house, avoiding the murderer along the way. Everyone alive must leave together. Players can hide in bushes (Xs on the board), and hide inside of buildings to avoid being killed.

Players are required to take turns, plan out moves ahead of time, and work within the group in order to assure success.

I was in charge of rules and the boards creation, below. I really wanted to strike a book balance between blueprint and game board. Sadly, players were still a little confused and my presentation needed to be clearer. I'm still pleased with the boards creation and I put a lot of time into it.

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